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Ahmed Mohamed Abd Ellatief
Ahmed Mohamed Abd Ellatief

Deep learning engineer with 5 years experience in multinational companies

Trained 787 AI engineers and data scientists all over the world

Helped in making 35 graduation projects related to AI and data science

Helped in preparing 7 master degree researches related to AI and data analysis

Active contributer in 7 projects in Europe,UK,UE, Saudi Arabia,Etc.

Spreading the word of AI and data analysis throw his social media appearance with 14000 learmers from all over the world

Course Description

The R language, one of the most powerful programming languages in the field of Data Science and the field of Artificial Intelligence, is widely used in scientific research.

We will learn how to use the R language from scratch

We will learn what are the variables and how to do loops and conditions.

We will learn how to use the (terrible) R capabilities in mathematical and other operations.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are very dependent on mathematical operations

We will also learn the defects in the R language and we can avoid them in order to achieve the best possible result

We will apply the words to a practical project, so that after this course you can apply to your private projects


There are no prerequisites so if you are a beginner in the field of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence this is one of the best training courses that you start with

Target Audience

All interested in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Course Curriculum

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