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PMP ( Project Management )
We all may have good ideas that can benefit the company, but without a feasible plan it remains nothing but that. An Idea! Transform from a Thinker To a Doer!
Haitham Zaki
Everything you need to know about the agile software engineering manifesto ( Scrum)
Hassan Hashim
Lean Startup
So you are about to build your own Startup! What method would you use in order to ensure a successful launch based on the current budget that you have? In this
Tamer Ahmed
English For IT
Do not let language be an obstacle that prohibits you from developing in the IT department. Enroll in the course now!
Narmeen Qasim Al-Faily
International English Language Testing System
Dina Hashem
Entrepreneurship Foundation
Are you a wantrepreneur and need to know what makes a successful Entrepreneur? Then this course is for you!
Tamer Ahmed
Software Testing Fundamentals
Hassan Hashim
الانجليزية لرواد الأعمال
يتكون هذا الكورس كل المصطلحات الأساسية لرواد الأعمال
Mark Wilson

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