Cyber Security Track

الحاجة إلي الحفاظ علي أمن المعلومات أمر في غاية الأهمية فمخاطر تسرب البيانات ووصولها لأفراد منافسين أو خاطئين قد يكلفنا الكثير

Courses Included with Purchase

CompTIA Security +501
This course is the main gate to the Security world it include a brief description about all Security branches that qualify for the next security steps .
Ahmed Abdelhamed
Python For Offensive Security
Knowing the best python scripts for penetration testing
Mohamed Fadel
Python For Networking
The Second Course of Python Offensive Security Diploma
Mohamed Fadel
Everything You want to know about blockchain By exploring bitcoin protocols and etherium
Tamer Ahmed

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