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Ahmed Hisham
Ahmed Hisham

Working as head of unit Deep Learning Engineer in the Artificial Intelligence technology Center in MUST

Working as an Instructor for ComputerVision in ArabCBT
former instructor for Applied deep learning in ITI Mahara Tech.

Working in the Field of Artificial intelligence , DeepLearning for Computer Vision , Forecasting time series , and Natural language Processing .

Research Area : Medical imaging systems in terms of CAD ( Computer Aided Diagnosis) , Self driving vehicles , Transformers in terms of BERT and attention modeling

Course Description

This is a technical course that intends to teach programmers the state of the art behind building codable chatbots line by line coding with some basics of Natural language processing to building and apply these chatbots with a high level of intelligence to be applied either in their organizations or in their private applications


Strong python skills ,
Basic knowledge about Natural language processing

Target Audience

Programmers ,
Senior students ,
A.I researchers ,
Computer Scientists ,

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