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Bahaa Ibrahim
Bahaa Ibrahim

A Computer Science enthusiast having a passion for developing and maintaining software, web, mobile and applications. Having around three years of professional experience in the field of Android Development and Flutter Development with expertise in Android (Mobile and Wearable), Java, OOP, SQL, C, C++. Substantial experience with mobile Video live-streaming & E-Commerce apps.

Currently, I work as a Mobile Engineer at AKWAD which is based in Cairo, Egypt. I develop native and cross-platform mobile apps for our clients in Germany and Arabian Gulf.

Course Description

This course aims to help students achieve the following outputs:

  • Learn Working with Media Files
    • Working with Layouts and Positioning
    • Working with Videos
    • Working with Audios
    • Android Animations
  • Learn Advanced Android Features
    • Working with ListViews
    • Controlling using Timers in Android
    • Error Handling in Android
    • Showing _ Hiding Views
    • Images Downloading
    • Parsing JSON Data
  • Learn Working with Maps _ Locations
  • Learn Working with Multiple Activities
  • Learn Permanent Data Persistence
    • Working with Shared Preferences
    • Working with SQLite Databases
    • Working with Webviews


  • Good internet connection
  • Passion to learn
  • Prior programming experience in any language would be helpful

Target Audience

Anyone who is passionate about programming and building mobile apps

Course Curriculum

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