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Ahmed Hisham
Ahmed Hisham

Working as head of unit Deep Learning Engineer in the Artificial Intelligence technology Center in MUST

Working as an Instructor for ComputerVision in ArabCBT
former instructor for Applied deep learning in ITI Mahara Tech.

Working in the Field of Artificial intelligence , DeepLearning for Computer Vision , Forecasting time series , and Natural language Processing .

Research Area : Medical imaging systems in terms of CAD ( Computer Aided Diagnosis) , Self driving vehicles , Transformers in terms of BERT and attention modeling

Course Description

This course is non technical aimed to enhance everyone's awareness towards growing their own business by applying the 4th industrial digital technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence became a necessary choice for recent companies that are rapidly growing.

Its necessity stood out in industries such as Medicine, Digital Marketing, Self Driving Cars, & Banking.

The expected outcomes after you finish this course is that you will be aware of the modern Artificial intelligence technologies and how it can benefit your business in any life career area and why it's very necessary to understand its main concepts.



Target Audience

Computer Scientists
Business Owners

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