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Ahmed Mohamed Abd Ellatief
Ahmed Mohamed Abd Ellatief

Deep learning engineer with 5 years experience in multinational companies

Trained 787 AI engineers and data scientists all over the world

Helped in making 35 graduation projects related to AI and data science

Helped in preparing 7 master degree researches related to AI and data analysis

Active contributer in 7 projects in Europe,UK,UE, Saudi Arabia,Etc.

Spreading the word of AI and data analysis throw his social media appearance with 14000 learmers from all over the world

Course Description

This course is one of the most important courses in learning Artificial Intelligence.

We will talk in the course about some of the basic libraries that are in the Python, which we use very heavily in programming processes and applications of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis processes.

We will learn a very important step in the processes of applying Artificial Intelligence, which is preparing the data - data that we have are usually not present in a way that suits the Artificial Intelligence technology, so you will need some preparation like; we need to get rid of Out Layers and missing data and other things, and evaluate all features and any of the features are important and what is not important.

We will learn how to do graphs - we will learn a lot of basic and main forms of graphs that we will use in our work, and each one has its meaning and importance.

The importance of Graphs does not include only a report that is presented to the customer, but the most important thing is that it clarifies the form and nature of the data.

Our course is project-based, we will work on many projects, we will apply what we have learned in a practical way


To better understand the Python advanced level course, you must have a solid knowledge of the basics of Python

Target Audience

Advanced Python training is useful for software and information technology professionals interested in Analytics, Sata Science and Artificial Intelligence

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