About Us

ArabCBT is an Arabic E-learning platform for technical, professional, and specialized training courses dedicated to serving Arabic Speaking Talents in technology

All by helping their career development plan through integrated and standardized training and mentoring sessions.

ArabCBT is founded by a group of Senior Technology Experts who have developed thousands of talents in the past decade. We enable Arab talents and professionals of all career levels through packages of technical and professional training that support every aspect of their careers. In addition to individual mentoring sessions that provide Additional Support and Personal Development

Our Vision

To be one of the top integrated Arabic e-learning hubs for technical and specialized training that develops Arab talents of all job levels and introduces highly qualified technology calibers who are empowered enough to push the ICT job demands in the GCC region.

Aiming to provide integrated technical knowledge and skills that supports those who work in the technology sector without letting language barriers be an issue. We aim to do so by offering enriched Arabic technical and vocational content delivered to Arab technology professionals and empowering that content with the experiences of experts within the specialized fields.